• Preparation, processing and advice in all aspects that affect the different tax obligations, in relation to the different economic activities that are developed.
  • Analysis of fiscal risk and fiscal contingencies.
  • Evaluation of the situation and the tax obligation of the company.
  • Advice and way of action before an inspection.

In the event of a sinister event, we will analyze each case through the study and application of tax regulations, verifying whether all relevant tax obligations have been submitted and correctly presented.

Our team will advise you in:

  •  Planning of legal entities: Corporate tax, VAT,…
  • Taxation of restructuring operations: mergers, spin-offs, exchange of stocks, separation of partners
  • Fiscal consolidation
  • Tax planning of individuals: Income, Patrimony and Inheritance Tax
  • Local taxation: IAE, fees
  • Procedures for tax management and / or inspection
  • Sanctioning procedures in tax matters
  • Claims and appeals before administrative public administration and Economic-Administrative and Contentious Courts
  • Formulation of tax inquiries before the General Directorate of Taxes